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Yellowhead Regional Emergency Communication Centre (YRECC) incorporates a T911 feature, which allows persons who are deaf, deafened, hard-of-hearing or speech impaired (DHHSI) to use their mobile phones for emergency text communication.

T911imageThe service is meant for DHHSI persons, though it is available to all family and friends of DHHSI persons, who are also encouraged to register for T911 to keep emergency services accessible. This service will not work without prior registration with your carrier.

Before using this service, you must register for T911 through your wireless carrier and ensure that your device is compatible with the service. Users of T911 still must dial 9-1-1 to reach an operator; however, after dialing through, their mobile device will then prompt messages via text. Keep in mind that the service is still limited by the range of your network, and does require a messaging plan to work.

The T911 procedure is simple, though some key things are important to keep in mind. When making a T911 call, be sure to:

  1. Have the cell phone unlocked (i.e. by entering your password or pressing the unlock button)
  2. Dial 9-1-1 and press CALL/SEND to place an emergency voice call.
  3. Watch your phone’s display for confirmation that the call is connected.
  4. Monitor your text messages—at this point, you will receive a text from the 911 call centre. The text will belong to a 13-digit number, beginning with 5-5-5-9-1-1.
  5. Reply to the received text message, providing the operator with the requested information.
  6. Relay the nature of the emergency in a brief and concise text message.
  7. Avoid using slang or abbreviations to keep the dialogue clear.
  8. If you do not receive a reply to your text message, re-send the message.
  9. If possible, do not hang up the 911 voice call while texting. The audio can help the 911 operator assess the emergency situation better.
  10. T911 calls conclude with the message: “End of 9-1-1 Call."

For more information please visit www.textwith911.ca.

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