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The following links are fillable pdf forms that can be saved to be emailed or printed for paper copies:

**NOTE:  If you wish to use the fillable pdf forms, please save the application BEFORE filling in the information, if you do not do this all the information you filled in will be lost.** 

2018 FCSS Special Project Grant Application

2018 Transportation Grant Application

2019 FCSS Neighbourhood Link Grant Application

Please note – if you are applying to other grant programs and you need a letter of support from Yellowhead County, submit the details of your application and your request for support on our before one of the following three intake dates: April 15, August 15, November 15. Council will typically reply within 2 weeks of these dates.

Paper Applications can be sent to:

Yellowhead County
2716 - 1st Avenue  Edson, AB T7E 1N9

Email applications can be sent to:

Wendy Robinson


Youth Grants

The FCSS Board provides grants to community groups providing opportunities for youth to develop self-awareness, skill development and leadership skills. Applicants must complete a grant application and budget for FCSS grants and must supply a financial statement at the end of the project.

Community Grants

The FCSS Board provides grants to community groups providing a preventive social service function to residents. The funding assistance may go for projects that develop community support and service groups and/or provide information and programming options to their community. Grant funding is subject to the receipt of a grant application and budget and a financial statement from the preceding year.

Preschool and Family Grants

The FCSS Board policy is to provide funding support for the parent run cooperative playschools in the County and for parent/child focused programs. Grant funding for playschools is subject to the receipt of a Playschool Operational Assistance Grant, a financial statement and a projection of revenues and expenditures. Grant funding for other parent/child focused programs is reviewed upon receipt of a Special Projects Grant Application.

Services funded by FCSS must be of a preventive nature that enhances the social well-being of individuals and families through promotion or intervention strategies proved at the earliest opportunity. And do one or more of the following:

  • Help people develop independence, strengthen coping skills and become more resistant to crisis.
  • Help people to develop an awareness of social needs.
  • Help people to develop interpersonal group skills which enhance constructive relationships among people.
  • Help people and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions which affect them.
  • Provide supports that help sustain people as active participants in the community.
  • Services that FCSS can support through the grant program are those that:
  • Promote, encourage and facilitate the involvement of volunteers.
  • Promote efficient and effective use of resources.
  • Encourage and facilitate cooperation and coordination with allied service agencies operating with the municipalities
  • Promote, encourage and facilitate the development of stronger communities.
  • Promote citizen participation in planning, delivery, and governance of the program and the services provided under the program.

The FCSS grant funds must not be used to:

  • Primarily provide for the recreational needs or leisure time pursuits of individuals.
  • Offer direct financial assistance to sustain an individual or family.
  • Be primarily rehabilitative in nature, or duplicate services available from or within the jurisdiction of any government agency or services that may otherwise be reasonably accessible to residents.

FCSS can provide grant funding to not-for-profit agencies, community groups, associations or committees. FCSS will not provide funding to individuals or commercial enterprises. FCSS can provide two types of grants:

Special Project Grants 

These grants are for one time only projects that do not require ongoing funding. They provide an opportunity for special projects that are not part of an organizations normal budgeted operations.

Operational Grants 

These grants are for funding the operational costs of an ongoing program. Funding will be reviewed annually. They provide for sustainability and stability of programs that have demonstrated worth in the community. Applicants for FCSS grants will be required to:

  • Complete a FCSS Grant Application Form with a projected budget and financial statement.
  • Comply with the FCSS grant terms and conditions, utilizing funds only for the purposes outlined in the grant application.
  • Submit a report to FCSS at project completion that includes financial reporting of the project.
  • Return unused funds to Yellowhead County or provide a report on the projected use of those funds for approval of the FCSS Board.
  • Provide informal reports at the request of the FCSS program
  • Acknowledge the contribution of the FCSS grant to the larger community.


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