Transfer Sites, Landfills & Garbage Pick-up

All County sites will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, & New Year's Day. Hinton Regional is closed on all Sundays and Statutory Holidays.

In an effort to reduce liability and encourage re-using and recycling initiatives, Yellowhead County landfill and transfer stations have implemented set hours of operation. All sites are available to all County residents during operating hours. Proof of residency may be required.  

The following pre-sorted household items will be accepted at all the landfills and transfer sites:  

Household Waste - Dry Fibre (Paper/Cardboard etc.) - Used Oil - Lead-Acid Batteries - Clean Burnable Wood Products & Compostable Yard Wastes (except Entrance)

The following items are accepted only at designated sites:

  • Construction and Demolition Rubble will be accepted at Wildwood, Peers, and Hinton Regional.
  • Scrap Metal, Tires, Appliances, and Vehicle Hulks will be accepted at Parkcourt, Wildwood, Peers, and Hinton landfill sites, and the Marlboro and Robb transfer stations.
  • Some Scrap Metals will be accepted at Niton Junction.
  • Empty triple-rinsed pesticide and herbicide containers will be accepted at Parkcourt, Wildwood, and Peers.

The attendant at each site will direct you. Please contact the attendant prior to disposing of your items.

Sites equipped with MAN GATES will be open until further notice.

Edson & Hinton Landfill

There is no cost for Yellowhead County residents for the Edson & Hinton landfills.

Wood products are not accepted at transfer sites during high wildfire hazard bans or fire permit restrictions.

During a fire ban or fire permit restrictions residents are asked to keep any wood at their own properties until all the fire restrictions are lifted. The County is unable to safely burn the wood piles at the transfer station at this time, and the build-up of fuel stockpiles creates a large fire hazard for wildfires.

This policy of enacting wood dumping restrictions dependant on the fire hazard will remain in place for the rest of the season, so residents should check with the county prior to taking a load of wood to any transfer station. Please contact the County at 1-800-665-6030 for more information.

Residential Garbage PickUp

Garbage Pick-Up for Evansburg and Wildwood is Wednesday. Garbage should be ready for pick-up by 8:00 am.

County Offices


2716 - 1 Avenue,Edson,AB. T7E 1N9
Phone: 780-723-4800
Toll Free: 1-800-665-6030
Fax: 780-723-5066


53404 Rge Rd 92A,Wildwood,AB.
Phone: 780-325-3782
Toll Free 1-800-814-3935
Fax: 780-325-3783

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