Road Priorities

Connected Road Network

Council adopted the County’s Collector Road Network Program based on road priorities for the County. The goals of these paving priorities were to eliminate road bans, tie pavement to pavement, reduce conflict between industrial users and adjacent residents, and enhance future economic growth, and create cost-share partnerships with other users. These included grading, base and paving.

These priority projects reflect anticipated growth in the Edson-West and Branch Corner areas, as well as paved connectivity to other subdivisions, local roads, industry, and highways.

 2017 Road Connectivity Map

Map showing planned and proposed connectivity projects and completed paving projects that were part of the Collector Road Network Program.

 2017 5-Year Road Reconstruction Map

Map showing 2017-2021 proposed construction.

Road Planning Considerations

The Collector Road Network Program considered road planning for residential and industrial traffic, future industrial developments, and the impact of proposed highway plans.

This policy is a criteria system that sets paving priorities based on traffic volume, traffic composition, roadway function, residential densities, adjacent features, growth potential, cost sharing, and political consideration. It’s purpose was to ensure that all Road Paving requests were reviewed and evaluated fairly and consistently against an established priority criteria. All road planning by the County ties into the proposed Hwy 16 interchanges.

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