Snow Removal

The goal of Yellowhead County is to clear snow from all roadways within four days after the end of a snowfall.


During inclement weather, there will be situations when the immediate demand for snow and ice control services will exceed available resources, and to maximize the benefits of operations, snow and ice control forces shall conduct operations according to approved priorities.

As the local road authority, Yellowhead County will maintain municipal roads in a safe and passable condition. Snow and ice services are not intended to eliminate all hazardous conditions at all times but rather intended to assist vehicles which are properly equipped for winter driving and being operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving practices.

Clearing of snow from County Roadways will take place in this priority:


Grader snow removal will occur at the end of a snow storm, or sooner if snow accumulation reaches 10-15 cm (4-6 in) on roadways.

    1. Gravel Collector Roads
    2. Gravel Local Roads
    3. Hamlets
    4. Fire Halls Accesses
    5. Approaches to Private Driveways
    6. Community Facilities (halls/arenas)

Plow Trucks

Plow truck snow removal operations should commence before snow becomes packed by traffic, or when snow accumulations exceed 3 cm.

    1. Paved Collector Roads
    2. Paved local roads/subdivisions
    3. Hamlets
Locations where the County will not do snow removal are:
    • Private Driveways
    • Schools
    • Other recreation areas or parking lots
    • Roads to, or within, parks or campsites operated by other municipalities or the province

Snow Removal Policy



Snow fences may be placed in areas, including private property, where snow drifting occurs in order to reduce accumulation on roads and to improve visiblilty. Property owners will be contacted prior to the erection of snow fencing on their property. Snow fencing will be installed after farming operations have finished and prior to winter, and will be removed in early spring.

County Offices


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