04 July 2018

Abundantly Yellowhead - Get to Know Your Neighbours!

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Abundantly Yellowhead - Get to Know Your Neighbours!

Have you ever wondered what you and your neighbours have in common? Or what special skills, or talents someone in your area might have that you never knew about? Or do you just have a hard time getting to know people in your neighbourhood, since everyone is so busy nowadays? The Abundantly Yellowhead grant covers the cost of creating a community network. Read on to find out what that could mean for you and your neighbours.

According to a recent survey commissioned by Tim Hortons, only approximately 50% of Canadians know their neighbours. And according to various reports, there are lots of good reasons to know your neighbours. Being connected to your community and neighbourhood can improve your physical and mental health, increase community safety, provide a greater social safety net, and improve a community’s ability to address individual and community concerns. As one person put it: How can you know to bring your neighbour chicken soup if they are ill when you don’t know your neighbours?

The Abundantly Yellowhead Grant project is a specific process developed by John McKnight and used in communities throughout North American and the world to connect individuals and communities together with each other, businesses, and services. It has helped to develop cooperatives, economic development strategies, and brought greater services and supports to lots of communities, some that have been previously neglected or disorganized. Most of all, it has created greater involvement and connection to the community and individuals where it has run. It does this by connecting directly with people in a community, to learn about what they want their community to be, what they enjoy, and what they have to share. People are then matched with others with similar interests; events and activities are developed in response to the community, and the community grows more connected and engaged.

If this sounds like an initiative the interests you, or your community group, and you would like to know more about what the grant involves (money, professional support and guidance, connections to other communities), then call the Yellowhead County office in Wildwood (1-800-814-3935) to ask about the Abundantly Yellowhead Grant.


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