13 February 2019

Concept Design and Location for Edson Rec-Plex

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Concept Design and Location for Edson Rec-Plex

The joint Town of Edson and Yellowhead County Steering Committee has agreed to the project scope, location, timeline, and cost of the proposed Multi-Use Recreation Complex to be constructed in Edson, at Griffiths Park.

Click here for an image of the proposed location and site organization. Click here for an image of the concept plan.

The project is estimated to cost $70 million, though the proposed development and construction timeline will allow both communities to budget in a responsible manner with the objective of a limited impact on future tax rates and consider the current and future impacts of the local economy.

This option has all the recreational requirements that were part of the Steering Committee’s tender that were derived from recent community engagement, as well as previous consultation with various community groups and organizations that took into account all the needs for local recreation.

Going forward, the Steering Committee intends to present their recommendations to both Yellowhead County and Edson Councils for adoption, as well as bringing it to the residents for information regarding the design concepts.

After a thorough review process, the facility’s detailed design is planned to commence in late 2019 and construction anticipated to commence in late 2022. The Steering Committee is very pleased with the regional cooperation that has been displayed throughout the realization of this project, and believes this to be the right recreational enterprise to serve our communities and future generations.

Moreover, the Steering Committee is confident that the timelines set out for this project will allow our communities to gauge and plan fiscally—so that this exciting new initiative can be accommodated with limited tax implications.

Thank you to all who participated in the development of this initiative, and we are excited to continue our regional collaboration to ensure that the needs of our residents are met.


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