30 July 2018

Council Highlights July 24, 2018

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Council Highlights July 24, 2018

Proposed Landfill Public Hearing / Cascade Power Project Presentation / Parkland County/Yellowhead County ICF / Edson and District Recreation Complex Demolition / Peers Communications Tower Extra Expenditure / Land Use Bylaw 12.18 / Land Use Bylaw 10.18

Proposed Landfill Public Hearing – A Public Hearing was held in regards to a proposed Class 2 non-hazardous industrial landfill. Secure Energy Services wishes to develop a landfill at Lot 53, Plan 7698 AP (east of River Ridge and south of Highway 16). Secure presented to council and sitting members of the public on the topics of odour and leachate mitigation, as well as potential benefits to the community. Numerous members of the public voiced their opinions in regards to the aforementioned concerns and were in opposition to the proposed development.

Cascade Power Project Presentation – Presenters from Cascade gave an overview of their latest Power Project. Cascade aims to construct a 900 MW power plant 12 km southwest of Edson. The plant will utilize natural gas as fuel and will have the capacity to serve the electrical needs of approximately 900,000 homes in Alberta.

Parkland County/Yellowhead County ICF – Council provided first reading to Bylaw 15.18, regarding the development of the Parkland County/Yellowhead County Intermunicipal Community Framework (ICF). Highlights of the proposed ICF include that Parkland County and Yellowhead County agree to create a recommending body known as the lntermunicipal Committee—a committee meant to foster dialogue between the two counties. As well, the ICF includes an outline of a non-adversarial dispute resolution process.

Edson and District Recreation Complex Demolition – Council moved to advise the Town of Edson that they do not support the demolition of the Edson and District Recreation Complex and will therefore not share the cost of the demolition initiative.

Peers Communications Tower Extra Expenditure – Council approved the extra expenditure of $345,995.00 out of the General Emergent Fund to allow the Peers Cellular site to be constructed and commissioned by TELUS.

Land Use Bylaw 12.18 – Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw 12.18 amending Land Use Bylaw 16.13 from Rural District to County Residential Destrict. The landowners aim to create two additional residential parcels.

Land Use Bylaw 10.18 – Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw 10.18, to amend Land Use Bylaw 16.13 from Rural District to Recreational Use District for Plan 972-3697, Lot 1 in the NE 23- 54-10-W5M. The subject property is 13.58 acres and is owned by Callioux Enterprises Ltd. The developer wishes to develop an equestrian camping facility on the property.

The next Council Meeting is on August 28, 2018. The next Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting is on August 21, 2018. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers.

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