24 January 2018

Council Highlights January 23, 2018

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Council Highlights January 23, 2018

Public Participation Policy / Dust Control Fees Change / Edson Rec-Plex Sale / New Landfill Zoning / Bylaw 17.17 Passed / Assessment Review Board Appointments


January 23, 2018

Public Participation Policy – Council adopted the revised Public Engagement & Communications Policy which includes the addition of public participation options that can be used when looking for public input from residents and other stakeholders. These opportunities for feedback can help better inform decisions made by the County on a variety of issues ranging from open houses and surveys to Public Hearings and public presentations.

Dust Control Fees Change – The dust control fee to residents will be formula-based, and set at 33% of the previous year’s costs of application. The 33% is currently about the same as the $200 flat rate fee but will reflect the costs for the suppressant materials as they fluctuate. Dust control will continue to be applied at no charge to school zones, playgrounds, major intersections, and railway crossings.

Edson Rec-Plex Sale – A letter is being sent from Yellowhead County Council requesting the Town of Edson to place a suspension on the sale of the Edson and District Recreation Complex until the Town and County have finalized a long-term plan on regional recreation facilities that are used by both Town and County residents in the Edson area.

New Landfill Zoning – A new bylaw for landfills specific zoning has received first reading by Council. Any new or proposed landfill or composting facilities would require the developer to apply for the area to be rezoned to this Landfill and Composting (LC) District. This rezoning allows any concerns to be heard at a Public Hearing and helps regulate landfill and composting developments and encourages developers to locate them on Crown land away from residential settlements.

Bylaw 17.17 Passed – Passing of Bylaw 17.17 rezones a property located west of Edson Estates from Rural District (RD) to Country Residential District (CR). The rezoning allows the property owners to move ahead with their application to subdivide the property into five additional Country Residential (CR) parcels.

Assessment Review Board Appointments –Brian Broughton, David Russell and Sandra Cherniawsky were appointed to the Local and Composite Assessment Review Boards. The Local Assessment and Composite Assessment Review Boards are established for the purpose of hearing assessment appeals and are comprised of both members of the public and members of Yellowhead County Council as directed by the Alberta Municipal Government Act.

The next Council Meetings are February 13 & 27, 2018. The next Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting is February 20, 2018. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers.


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