14 March 2018

Council Highlights March 13, 2018

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Council Highlights March 13, 2018


Bylaw 06.18 Public Hearing / Aces Theatre Presentation / County Paid RCMP Position Transition / Gravel Tender / New Landfill Bylaw Passed 



Bylaw 06.18 Public Hearing – A Public Hearing was held for Bylaw 6.18 that will remove the current municipal reserve designation for the new Brule Community Hall. Property owners adjacent to the Brule Hall brought forward concerns about the nearness of the proposed hall to their home and the impact it may have on their quality of life. Council will consider all input from residents before Bylaw 6.18 is brought forward for second and third readings.

Aces Theatre Presentation – The Arts Centre for Edson Society (ACES) gave a presentation to Council on a concept for a local theatre and arts centre. They asked for support for their project and asked to be involved as a stakeholder as Yellowhead County and Edson move forward in the development of a new community facility for the area residents.

County Paid RCMP Position Transition –Yellowhead County has given notice to terminate the contract for the two RCMP positions paid for by Yellowhead County as the local RCMP detachments cannot fill the two enhanced RCMP positions. In order to maintain the protective services that these two positions are intended to provide, Yellowhead County will add two additional County Peace Officers to their ranks, bringing the total number of County Peace Officers to eight members across Yellowhead County.

Gravel Tender – Council award the 2018 Summer Gravel Program to Jones Trucking and Backhoe Service Ltd. in the amount of $930,911.09 and the additional $170,320.09 be added to the 2018 final budget. Jones Trucking provided the lowest bid for the contract and has done work for the County in the past.

New Landfill Bylaw Passed – Council passed the new Landfill and Composting (LC) District stipulates where and what type of landfill can be built in Yellowhead County. This new zoning type encourages these new landfills to be on Crown land away from residential settlements and will allow concerns from residents to be heard for any proposed landfills. Class 1A/1B waste removal sites were removed from the final bylaw based on input from County residents at the March 13, 2018 Public Hearing.

The next Council Meeting is March 27, 2018. The next Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting is April 17, 2018. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers.
For more information contact Yellowhead County toll free at 1-800-665-6030 or 780-723-4800.
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