28 March 2018

Council Highlights March 27, 2018

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Council Highlights March 27, 2018

Opportunities for Primary Care Network \ Rural Municipalities of Alberta \ Robb Force Main Replacement \ Culvert Replacement \ YCFD Junior Firefighters \ Student Experience Firefighter Program \ Municipal Reserve Designation \ ASB Chair Re-appointed

Opportunities for Primary Care Network – The McLeod River Primary Care Network (MRPCN) provides physical and mental health programs to residents referred to them by the local healthcare system. The organization currently runs their programming out of several local and regional facilities and is asking to be able to access the proposed new regional sports and recreation facility in Edson for classes for their clients.

Rural Municipalities of Alberta – Representatives from the Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) met with Council to discuss various topics, including rural crime, ambulance availability for rural residents, provincial budget and funding issues that directly impact municipalities, recreational and medical cannabis and its potential beneficial and negative impacts to rural communities. The RMA is a lobby organization that represents rural municipalities in Alberta.

Robb Force Main Replacement – The force main in Robb has had three breaks in the last five years, indicating that the main needs to be replaced. The contract Sanitary Force main replacement was awarded to Grayson Excavating Ltd for $905,787.50.

Culvert Replacement – Council awarded a contract for a major culvert south of Evansburg off of Reno Road to Formula Alberta Ltd. for $487,000. The culvert is 2.7 metres wide and 53 metres long and will replace the old culvert at that location. The work being done will include a stream bed realignment to increase longevity and functionality of the water course. The cost also includes provisions for fish capture.

YCFD Junior Firefighters – Yellowhead County will start a Junior Firefighter program that will encourage youth 16-18 to join the fire department as a full member. The program may allow Junior Firefighters to earn educational credits for volunteerism and work experience and give them an opportunity to gain experience and training towards becoming a full YCFD member or a related profession once they turn eighteen. Junior Firefighters would attend development and training on a regular basis.

Student Experience Firefighter Program – Yellowhead County will introduce a student experience firefighter program for firefighters that have graduated from a recognized firefighter program. Successful candidates would become paid-on-call members and would work in the Casual Firefighters program in YCFD.

Municipal Reserve Designation – Council passed Bylaw 6.18 that removes the current municipal reserve designation for the new Brule Community Hall. This removal expands the land base available for the construction of a new community hall.

ASB Chair Re-appointed – Bob Mitchell was nominated by the Agricultural Services Board (ASB) and appointed by Council to act as Yellowhead County's Agricultural Service Board (ASB) chair. The appointment of a chair is required under the provincial Agricultural Service Board Act.

The next Council Meetings are April 10 & 24, 2018. The next Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting is April 17, 2018. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers.


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