16 February 2017

Yellowhead County Fire Season Starts March 1

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Yellowhead County Fire Season Starts March 1


Fire permits required beginning March 1 in the Yellowhead County Fire Permit Area. Not having a burn permit may cost you significantly. Make sure you get your free permit for any existing or new fires.


Starting March 1, all burning activities in Yellowhead County will require a fire permit, excluding campfires as well as burn barrels in certain locations. Yellowhead County residents are reminded to take extra care while burning this spring as dry conditions and strong winds can fuel fast burning grassfires.

“Fire permits will be required for any new or existing burn in the Yellowhead County,” says Yellowhead County Deputy Fire Chief Cory Chegwyn. “And we’re reminding everyone to take all the necessary precautions during any type of burn on their property.”

If you burn without a permit and accidentally start a wildfire – or even if firefighters are sent to check your burn – you may be held responsible for any firefighting or other costs. Agricultural producers and other businesses, as well as property owners should ensure their fire preparedness plans are in place to quickly respond to potential wildfire situations.

The Yellowhead County fire permit area covers the area north of Highway 16 and east of Highway 22. Yellowhead County fire permits for this area are free and available through Fire Guardians at either Yellowhead County office. Campground fires and burn barrels within this area, excluding the hamlet of Evansburg, do not require a permit but may be restricted later in the season if fire levels reach a fire ban. Fire permits for the rest of the county can be obtained by contacting Alberta’s Agriculture & Forestry department.

Fire permits lets Yellowhead County know where authorized fires are planned and they help us to notify you if conditions change. There are a variety of reasons why the fire hazard in your area might go up – and you might not be aware that they’re happening. When we have your permit information, we can notify you so you can put out your fire – and avoid starting a bigger one and steer clear of potential charges and monetary costs.

Due to the varying fire permit requirements for different Fire Protection Zone areas within Yellowhead County, we recommend that residents contact either the Fire Guardians at their local Yellowhead County office or the local Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Department for more information and to obtain a permit.

Tips & Info on new burns and existing winter burns:

  • Permits are required for brush piles, transfer sites, and field, grass or stubble burns.

  • Fire incidents can be reduced by keeping burns small and by always having firefighting equipment on hand.

  • Fires that are not completely extinguished can smolder underground during the winter months and resurface in the spring as a wildfire.

Contact the Yellowhead County Fire Department at 1-800-665-6030 for more information.

Pursuant to Yellowhead County Bylaw 18.02 Yellowhead County will require Fire Permits beginning March 1. An early dry spring is anticipated along with significant biomass of unharvested agricultural crops that has increased the risk of wildfire. Fire Guardian appointments are in progress and will be posted shortly.

This requirement is by the Authority of the Director of Protective Services

Contact the Yellowhead County Fire Department at 1-800-665-6030 for more information.

Residents in other municipalities and fire permit zones need to contact their local fire department for details regarding fire permits required for their area.


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