18 May 2018

Fulham School Gets a (Friendly) Visit from the Law

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Fulham School Gets a (Friendly) Visit from the Law

Yellowhead County’s Peace Officers and a member of the RCMP’s Edson Integrated Traffic Services Unit visited the school after patrolling the nearby highway for school-zone speeders.

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Yellowhead County Peace Officers recently teamed up with the RCMP’s Integrated Traffic Unit to stop and educate local speeders. The troublesome spot that was patrolled, Highway 32 along the length of Fulham School, often sees speeders ignoring signage to slow down to 70 km/h from 100 km/h for the school zone.

In their brief time operating near Fulham School, the officers stopped about a dozen offenders and educated them about the local school zone. The goal of this joint initiative was to remind drivers to obey traffic laws, especially those that may affect the safety of school children.

At lunch, over 60 children happily greeted Yellowhead County Peace Officers Dave Budgell and Chase Comaniuk, as well as RCMP Integrated Traffic Services Unit Constable Dale Huntley. The officers were overwhelmed by the excitement of Fulham School’s K-6 students and the kindness of school staff, who provided a hot lunch.

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In return, the officers surprised the students with a tour of their vehicles and equipment—complete with a lights and siren demo, and an all-access pass to crawl around the three cruisers! Afterwards, the officers took to patrolling the nearby highway once more.

Yellowhead County would like to remind drivers to observe the law around school and playground zones, and to be wary of children at play or crossing roadways. Remember, if we all treat road safety as a personal responsibility, our community will be the better for it!

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