04 July 2018

Wildfire Notice for Hinton Area 07-04-18 Update: 1:30 PM

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Wildfire Notice for Hinton Area 07-04-18 Update: 1:30 PM

WILDFIRE SITUATION | July 4, 2018, at 1:30 p.m. 

The Quigley Creek Wildfire (EWF-077) - Classified as Under Control at 1,274 hectares in size. 

In the past 48 hours, the fire has had significant rain which has greatly helped fire fighters to control the smoldering fire.  The fire is currently Under Control, meaning the wildfire is completely contained and will be extinguished.

**Please go to the Yellowhead County Facebook page to ensure you are reading the latest information post and srd.web.alberta.ca/edson-area-update for the most up to date wildfire information.


Location of the wildfire has not changed since the evening of June 28, 2018; it remains approximately:

  • 15 km south east of Hinton
  • 28 km north west of Robb
  • 60 km south west of Edson
  • 6 km from McLeod Campground (Km 35 Robb Road)

What is expected today: 100 firefighters, 3 helicopters and a few pieces of heavy equipment will continue to focus on the perimeter of the wildfire, extinguishing smoldering ground fires and reinforcing the fireguard.  

The fire received 60mm of rain on the NW side and 30mm on the SE side the day before and 63mm more in the past 24 hours.   

Even with recent rain, a lot of work is still needed before this fire will be extinguished. Ground fires can be sheltered from the rain under trees and large debris.  Crews today will be gridding the interior of the fire looking for hotspots.  Once fire fighters have dug out and soaked hotspots, they'll monitor for smoke and conduct aerial heat scanning to locate smoldering ground fires that need to be extinguished.  The objective of this fire will be to extinguish it 100%.

The helicopters will no longer be bucketing but continue to move crews and assist with overview flights of the fire.

To date the fire was assisted by a total of:

  • 146 fire fighters on the ground
  • 95 support and overhead staff which would include medics, equipment operators, helicopter pilots and members from the incident management team.
  • Crews often rely on heavy equipment to assist with fire guards, transporting equipment, water and personnel.      

    • 18 low boy trucks
    • 12 dozers
    • 7 water trucks
    • 4 ATV water tankers
    • 3 excavators
    • 2 Hägglunds (personnel carriers)

Thanks to the hard work from the Alberta Wildfire Crews and local industries, this fire had 25 km worth of water hose laid out and 28 km of fire guard built around the perimeter to contain the fire.


Smoke from the Quigley Creek Wildfire (EWF-077) may drift into surrounding communities, if you have smoke related health concerns, please call 811 or visit Alberta Health Services



AB Wildfire_Helicopter_Fire_Line


IMAGE fromsrd.web.alberta.ca/edson-area-update: Helicopter slinging equipment to the fire line.


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