21 November 2019

YCFD Reminder: Slowing Down Saves Lives

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YCFD Reminder: Slowing Down Saves Lives

This November, Yellowhead County Fire Department (YCFD) members were reminded that one can never be too careful when responding to an emergency. And they hope that their lesson can be shared with drivers everywhere.

On Sunday, November 17, YCFD crews responded to an early-morning collision on Highway 16. What was expected to be a singular accident turned out to be a multi-vehicle collision. This icy stretch of highway suddenly became fertile ground for a pile-up—which even lead some vehicles to catch ablaze.

YCFD crews arrived and assumed the standard procedure; the fire vehicle was pulled over behind the crash with lights flashing.

The crew disembarked and got to work on assisting with the emergency. It wouldn’t be long before their own vehicle would be struck from behind by a passing vehicle.

Luckily, the crew was far enough away from the vehicle and were unharmed. But the incident has left those members—and the whole of YCFD—shaken.

“An incident like this can happen in a split-second, that’s why it’s important for drivers to consider how they are driving, and if it’s appropriate to the conditions,” commented YCFD Chief Albert Bahri, “Ultimately we want to stress to all drivers: Drive to arrive.”

This winter season, please do your part and drive to conditions. Slowing down to 60 km/h when passing emergency vehicles isn’t just the law—it’s about protecting the neighbours, friends, and members of the community who are out there working to keep Yellowhead County safe.

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