24 July 2018

Summer Explorer Passport Photo Contest

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June 1, 2018 to September 15, 2018.

Summer Explorer Passport Photo Contest

Your guide to exploring all the great spots in the Alberta Northern Rockies and foothills and the Yellowhead County area! Get out there, have some fun, and win some great prizes! Celebrate this amazing area by visiting the points of interest listed in this guide!

How to use your passport:

• First, grab a map, camera, and your hiking boots.
• Then, pack your bag and hit the road!
• Visit as many of the locations listed as possible.
• Take a photo of yourself or the scenery at each location.

Post your photos and a short description of each location on Instagram and tag @yellowheadcountyrec and @SaskyDaSasquatch and use the hashtags: #exploreyellowhead and #yellowheadcounty and #leaveitpristine

Submitted photos may be featured on Yellowhead County’s website, Facebook Pages and Instagram account throughout the duration of the contest.

You’ll receive one entry into the draw for each photo submitted – so take and submit lots of photos!

You can also email entries to hello@yellowheadcounty.ab.ca

Winner of the summer prize pack will be announced on September 20, 2018.


Rock Lake 6
Cardinal Divide/Mountain Park 6
Athabasca Lookout & Nordic Centre 6
Obed Lake 6
William Switzer Park Visitor Info /Jarvis Lake 7
McLeod River Provincial Recreation Area 7
Brule Lake/Brule Lookout 7
Wildhorse/Kinky Lake 7
Gregg Cabin 7
Brule Bike Park 10
Ogre Canyon 10
Cadomin 10
Bear Lake Park 11
Hoodoos/Sundance Provincial Park 11
Millers Lake 11
Fickle Lake 11
Shining Bank Day Use Area 11
Chip Lake Park 12
Gunner Rehn Park, Wildwood 12
St. George Russian Orthodox Church, Wildwood 12
Rangeton Park 13
Pembina River Park 12
Tipple Park Museum, Evansburg 13
Pump Tracks (Evansburg/Wildwood/Peers/ Niton/Marlboro) 13


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