Parks & Outdoor Spaces Plan

Yellowhead County started a process to update our existing parks and outdoor spaces in each of the county’s hamlets. The completed plan provides direction for new or upgraded facilities, county budget considerations, and project implementation considerations.

The plan has been completed and can be viewed here…  
Yellowhead County Yellowhead County Parks & Outdoor Spaces Plan 

The Parks and Outdoor Spaces Plan was prepared to provide a vision to guide future open space development within Yellowhead County’s eight hamlets.

The plan provides Hamlet Concept Plans for each hamlet in addition to concept plans for select sites, where additional information is warranted.

The Hamlet Concept Plans are based on an existing situation review in addition to community consultation. The existing situation review included the examination of pertinent studies and statutory documents in addition to site visits to each hamlet in order to gain an understanding of planning context and past recommendations. By comparison, the community consultation (community open houses, online survey, stakeholder consultation) provided insight into current open space utilisation and desired improvements.

Throughout the study process, several issued emerged as being of importance to virtually all communities:

  • Community signage for identification, wayfinding, tourism, and/or interpretation purposes;
  • Trails development within specific sites or within the hamlet as a whole;
  • Youth facilities primarily for spontaneous informal use;
  • Joint use agreements as open space initiatives are proposed for sites that are not owned by the County (i.e. school sites, community organzitions sites, etc.)

This Plan will help ensure the development of an open space system within hamlets responds to both the current and future needs of hamlet residents.

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