Population: 40

Cadomin is located in the area of Yellowhead County known as the Coal Branch, approximately 50 km south of Hinton and 100 km southwest of Edson, between Lelland Mountain and Cadomin Mountain. Cadomin was named after the Canadian Dominion Mine and was the second coal mine along the western arm of the Coal Branch.

Established sometime in the early 1900’s, Cadomin was a bustling mining town until 1952 when the mine shut down causing a slow decline in population. Cadomin’s coal production became highly profitable because it shipped its coal using the privately built and maintained Mountain Park Railroad. Cadomin once had an RCMP detachment, government liquor store, drug store, and Bank of Nova Scotia. The population was 1,700 in 1931.

Now Cadomin is a destination area for outdoor tourism. Currently in Cadomin there is food, lodging and propane, but no gas station. You will have to gas up in Hinton or Edson. Located near Cadomin are the historical remains of the mines, Mountain Park Cemetery, Cadomin Caves (currently closed by Alberta Environment for the protection of the local bat population), the McLeod River and Campgrounds.

Places to stay:

Cadomin Motel  780-692-3663

There is lots of camping around the Cadomin area.

Cadomin Cave – The cave is another dimension. Dank and darker than the blackest night, the silence of the cave can be unnerving, but totally fascinating. There are tight squeezes in the cave, but the main cavern is quite large

This phenomenal cave created by time and groundwater is one go the oldest in the province. The cave has been closed to the public for the 2011 season in order to help sustain the bat population. Please visit to find the latest updates regarding access.
When open, the cave offers everything from hiking to rappelling on your own or with a guided tour.

Southwest of Cadomin is the Whitehorse Wildland Provincial Park and the Cardinal Divide.

In the Cadomin area are old mine sites that you can explore and plenty of ATV Trails.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no gas station in the hamlet.

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