Population: 795

Evansburg is located approximately 100 km west of Edmonton on Highway 16 along the Pembina River Valley and is the first community at the eastern border of Yellowhead County. Evansburg is the largest hamlet within the County and is slated to grow larger with the recently developed subdivision.

Evansburg has a thriving small business centre catering to the surrounding agricultural community. There is a grocery store, clothing store, restaurants, bakery, hairdressers and other small businesses. The Evansburg/Entwistle Chamber of Commerce supports and enhances business development in the hamlets.

Evansburg began with the arrival of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway in 1910 and the completion of the bridge across the Pembina River. Coal mining (Pembina Peerless coal Mine) brought expansion and immigration to the hamlet in its early years. The mine operated for 24 years, but shut down in 1936 during the depression. As mixed farming increased in the area, the Village of Evansburg became a viable community again. In 1998 when the Municipal District of Yellowhead No. 94 became Yellowhead County Evansburg dissolved and became the Hamlet of Evansburg.

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