Population: 38

The present day Niton Junction is located on the north side of Highway 16, approximately 55 km east of Edson. Niton Junction evolved during the 1930s to service the motoring community, and still functions as a highway commercial node. Agriculture, petroleum, and the public school are the other economic forces in the community.

Just four kilometers north of Niton Junction is where the original settlement of Niton was located, now referred to as Old Niton. Old Niton was a major station located along the railroad and consisted of a school, post office, a store, stockyards for shipping cattle by rail, and other businesses & services. Today there is a historical museum where the Niton townsite used to be. Present day Niton Junction is known for being a truck stop and rest area as it has several restaurants, a café, and gas stations. Also located in Niton is Yellowhead County’s Green Grove Swimming Pool, which is at the school.

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