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Population: 98

Located approximately 32 kilometers east of Edson on Highway 16 and eight kilometers north on Highway 32. Settled by pioneers from the western part of the United States in the early 20th century, Peers was established as a farming community, however, farm consolidation in 1941 decreased the number of homesteaders and resulted in larger but fewer farms. Today, Peers remains a strong agriculture community.

Rosevear is located approximately 13.5 kilometers North of Highway 16 on Range Road 154. At one time, Rosevear had a store, post office, dental practice, a school, and other businesses. Rosevear was famous for its ferry that crossed the McLeod River as one of the last few ferry’s still operating in Alberta. The ferry has been replaced with a new always accessible bridge.

YoHo Museum

The YoHo Museum in Peers is operated by Bill and Isabella Dixon. Bill and Isa have opened their homestead museum since 1988 for families to come out and soak up some of our history. Make sure to give Bill and Isa a call first to make sure they'll be around. You can reach them at (780) 693-2193.

Some of the items you will find there include: a 1917 hand built Cabin; clothing, furniture and collectables from the 1920s or earlier; over 32 antique cars and a Cochin -Saw (aka Jig Saw) patented in 1876. 

Bill and Isa Dixon host an annual YoHo Museum family day festivity on the last Sunday in May each year.

The YoHo was named after Isa's mother who came from Scotland. The homestead was called the Lambie Farm but all the L names for branding their cattle were taken so they went with her middle initial and they've kept it since.


To get there you can head straight up Highway 32 from Highway 16 or take the Bear Lake Road (Highway 478 east) and then go 3 kilometres north on Highway 32 and you'll see the sign and equipment at Township Road 554 and then head about 1  kilometre east off of Highway 32. It's located at 53.774377, -115.967561 or at They have such a collection of antique vehicles and farming equipment all lined up in organized rows you can actually see it from the google maps view!


Yoho Museum Day Yoho Museum (780) 693-2193

Bill and Isa Dixon 

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