Animal Industry

The Agricultural Service Board has a goal to provide programs and demonstrations related to improvements to the animal industry. The Board accomplishes this through grants made to individuals and organizations for demonstrations and projects specifically aimed at the animal industry.


Owning rural land means knowing how to care for it and how your neighbours use it. There are a few things you need to know:

  • Animals and their manure can cause objectionable odors.
  • Agriculture is an important business in Yellowhead County. If you choose to live among the farms and ranches of our rural countryside, do not expect county government to intervene in the normal day-to-day operations of your agri-business neighbors. In fact, Alberta has "Right to Farm" legislation that protects farmers and ranchers from nuisance and liability lawsuits. It enables them to continue producing food and fiber.
  • Before buying land you should know if it has noxious weeds that may be expensive to control and you may be required to control. Some plants are poisonous to horses and other livestock.
  • Animals can be dangerous. Children should know that it is not safe to enter pens where animals are kept.
  • Dogs harassing livestock are detrimental to the livestock’s health. You are responsible to keep your animals/pets on your property or under your direct control.


For more information on animal industry visit the West Central Forage Association website


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