Property Taxation

Yellowhead County works hard to provide you value for your hard-earned tax dollars. Council and Staff endeavour to ensure that you are provided with the highest level of service possible while considering the needs and expectations of Yellowhead County residents.

Did you know:

Your property tax includes taxes for a number of different authorities. Yellowhead County collects school taxes on behalf of the provincial government and funds for seniors housing on behalf of the Evergreens Foundation. The amount of the requisition by these bodies sets the tax rate you see on your tax bill.

2019 Budget:

  • Operations: $41,511,865
  • Capital Projects: $55,901,372
  • Contribution to local governments (Revenue & Cost Sharing): $12,164,140
  • Contribution to County Reserves (for future capital): $2,809,526

Where do your County tax dollars go?

Yellowhead County Council’s operating and capital budget includes the following breakdown of expenditures for 2019:

  • 43% of expenditures have been allocated towards infrastructure project and programs including roads, bridges, water, sewer, landfills and airport
  • 15% of the budget has been allocated to Community Services programs for our residents
  • 6% of the budget has been allocated to Protective Services programs for our residents
  • 7% to Corporate and Planning Services
  • 1% to go towards Council and general municipal business
  • 9% of the budget has been allocated to cost/revenue sharing with the Towns of Edson & Hinton
  • 19% of the budget goes to School Tax and Seniors Requisitions.

 A Few Things You Should Know...

Property taxes cover about 60% of all budget costs, including requisitions.

The remaining 40% of the costs are covered by other sources such as grants, reserves, investment income and user fees.    

 For more information on Assessment Appeals please visit the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.

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