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When you live in a rural area, you can be assured the land will not remain the same. The view from your property may change. Please check with the County's Planning and Development Department to find out how the properties are zoned (designated) and to see what future developments may be in the planning stages. The zoning of your property, and the surrounding area, restricts what be built. But zoning can also be changed. All development permits are advertised on the County pages in the local newspaper and amendments to zoning are advertised as well.

It is important to research all the issues before purchasing or developing land. You must check with the County's Planning Department to confirm that a piece of land can be built on. Easements may require you to allow construction and maintenance of roads, power lines, water lines, sewer lines, etc across your land. There may be easements that are not on record.

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Welcome to Munisight, Yellowhead County’s interactive on-line mapping tool.

This web-based system brings information together from a variety of sources and makes it easy to understand through symbols, colour-coding and labels. Munisight contains information for the entire county.

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