Animal and Dog Control Bylaw

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Animal and Dog ownership in Yellowhead County

County residents must keep their pets confined to their property or leashed at all times. No owner isallowed to let their pets roam free or become a nuisance to other landowners and passersby.

The Yellowhead County Animal Bylaw 03.06 has laid out specific regulations for owners in caring for their pets. Section 8 of the bylaw lays out the regulations for dog owners.


Dog owners are required to prevent their dogs from:
  • Running at large
  • Howling excessively or disturbing the peace of others
  • Causing damage to public or private property
  • Biting, attacking, threatening, harassing, chasing, killing or injuring any person or other animal
  • Biting or chasing any vehicle

Yellowhead County residents are also responsible for any other domestic animal or livestock in their ownership. The entire bylaw may be viewed at

 Animal Control Bylaw No. 03.06

Community Peace Officers patrolling the county continue to enforce the animal bylaw and all other Yellowhead County bylaws. Animals may be impounded for infractions and owners may face impound fees and or fines in that circumstance.

All animals picked up in the county are brought to the Edson Pound. For more information please look at their website:
Town of Edson Pound

Yellowhead County strongly urges its residents to properly care for their animals and ensure that they are not a threat to any surrounding neighbours.

If you have any questions regarding the Yellowhead County Animal Bylaw, please contact 780-723-3221. 

Animals In the County

Living in the County usually means a rural lifestyle, and with a rural lifestyle comes interaction with animals; from domestic pets, to the agricultural industry, to wildlife (whether experienced on your property or while out exploring the great outdoors.)


The County hosts a wide range of animal related workshops covering issues related to the animal industry, predatory animals, and more.

Yellowhead County Bylaw Enforcement Officers are responsible for dealing with all animal bylaw related enforcement issues. In addition to this the County also partners with different organizations such as Alberta Sustainable Resource Development for education, planning, and enforcement and safety related issues.


After Hours Emergency Number For Utilities, Bylaw Enforcement, Transportation:


Bears & Other Wildlife

Protecting Yourself and Wildlife While Enjoying the Outdoors

Residents of the County can experience problems when natural elements turn unfriendly. Nature can provide you with some wonderful neighbours. Most, such as deer, are positive additions to the environment.


However, even harmless animals like deer can cross the road unexpectedly and cause traffic accidents. Rural development encroaches on the traditional habitat of coyotes, cougars, bears and other animals that can be dangerous and you need to know how to deal with them.

In general, it is best to enjoy wildlife from a distance and know that if you do not handle your pets and trash properly, it could cause problems for you and the wildlife.

Yellowhead County partners with other federal, provincial and municipal enforcement agencies in order to provide the best services possible to county residents. Please vist our partner's websites for more information on the services they provide:

Alberta Fish and Wildlife

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