Weed Control

Effective weed control just isn’t picking or pulling or spraying the weeds that we all see, there is much more to it than that. A large part of it is prevention through awareness and education.

Noxious weeds - Control

A person shall control a noxious weed that is on land the person owns or occupies.

Prohibited noxious weeds - Destroy

A person shall destroy a prohibited noxious weed that is on land the person owns or occupies.

Yellowhead County has really tried, and continues to try, to increase the awareness of these invasive plants through our information sessions, personal contacts with landowners, information letters and presentations. If you are involved in any type of group or just interested in obtaining information where weeds or their control might be of interest please call Yellowhead County’s Agricultural Services, we would love to meet with you. We can give you recommendations on effective control; help you in developing a management plan or even provide you with rental equipment to control these plants.

Yellowhead County is constantly trying to improve our Weed Inspection Program. One significant change that came into place in 2007 was the introduction of our new weed inspection software – Agricultural Infestation Mapping Solution (AIMS). This is a field operated device used by Yellowhead County Weed Inspectors to collect and compile weed information while navigating through the County. Weed Inspectors use a laptop that is GPS compatible and has Yellowhead County aerial photos, parcel information, and road networks to map and track weed infestations within our municipality. The implementation of this new technology allows us to get a better feel of Yellowhead County’s invasive plant problems in an attempt to develop a true, effective and long term weed control program.

Find out how to recycle your pesticide containers at www.cleanfarms.ca


Vegetation Control Contractors

Vegetation Control Contractors can be found on our Ag Services Rental Equipment and Contractorspage under Agricultural Custom Contractors. It includes equipment for Herbicide Control, Pest Control and other agricultural related contractor and equipment services.


County Weed Control Policies

Links for information on Weed Control

Weed Control Act

Weed Control Act-Regulations

Weed Identification Guide & Alberta Invasive Plant Identification Guide (as published by Wheatland County)

Alberta Invasive Plant Council (fact sheets on common noxious and prohibited noxious weeds found in Alberta)


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